Friday, 1 February 2013

The Perils of Leaving Spray Inks in Reach of a 4 Year Old

As you know I have all of the Colour Chemistry Inks, well now I am missing one colour.  Foolishly I left all my inks out on the dining room table, thinking Lucy wouldn't be interested in them, how wrong was I!  After being busy clearing the kitchen I went into the living room and saw 2 ink bottles without lids, mmmm strange so I walked over to the table and then saw a bottle on its side completely empty.  Oh No!  Where had all the ink gone as I could not see any - until - I started picking up things.  It had soaked into my craft magazine my card I had stamped on, my embellishments I'd just made at club class,  and then I lifted up the messy mat and it just dripped and it was even underneath my cutting mat.  Luckily it did not stain the table, my magazine has dried out and I can still open the pages their just green now and I am going to spray the card I had stamped on with other colours to rescue them.

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